One of the reasons I started Deweese White Designs is because I got sick and tired of working for other people and making them rich and only getting a little piece of the pie. The main reason I started this is because people always said I’d never have my own business. Now that I do, I take a great deal of pride in everything that I do. I’m harder on me because I have to be. Anything with my name on it has to be top quality... If it’s not then it doesn’t belong with DWD. I also started this business so I could make money and show other people with disabilities that they can do whatever they set their mind to doing. You never give up. You never quit. You might have a lot of haters out there that say you can’t do it. Don’t listen to them. Just do what you gotta do to make your dream come true like I did and always believe in yourself. I believe that anybody with any drive or willingness to get up and do something can do anything they want as long as they don’t let anyone negative in their life.

My art was designed because I want people to realize that the different dyes and different colors are on my clothing to make a statement that we’re all here together on this earth as human beings and people. The different colors on my clothing show the different kinds of people in the world.

My drawings just come to me naturally. To say anything about them would just be a waste.

-Deweese White, CEO